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  • My name is Derrick and after speaking with Tyler, my wife and I decided to move forward with the debt management program. We had extremely high minimum payments and with the recent layoffs in the Detroit area, we had to find some sort of help. After a year of being enrolled in the program, my wife and I felt compelled to write in to express our thanks. Our balances have gone down dramatically and my minimum payments are much lower compared to what they
  • Hello - my husband Dale and came to your company in early 2009. We've now completed the program through FCCC (the servicing agent we were referred too). My minimum payments and interest rates were reduced dramatically and I'm forever grateful for finding your agency. You guys truly are amazing and I've referred you guys to a few of my friends. Thank you so very much for all the help you've provided my husband and I. - Alyssa.
  • Well I don't know where to start exactly. My name is Nicole and I'm from Kansas City, Mo. I came to your company last summer looking for a solution for my credit card debt. My minimum payments were not going towards my balances and I was getting extremely stressed out about the whole thing. After speaking with Jessica, I was given a comparison on what both consolidation and settlement could do. After being referred to FCCC, my minimum payments have been going to my actual balances and I'm extremely happy for what's been done so far. I'll recommend you guys to whomever's struggling with credit card debt, thank you so very much.
  • My name is Danielle and I'm from southern Texas. I came to your agency in 2008 and had fourteen credit cards. It was so complex making fourteen different minimum payments each month. I was under the impression that debt management would consolidate all these monthly bills into one payment, and it did. I'm so excited that I enrolled with your company. I now only have to worry about one monthly payment as opposed to the several I was worrying about prior to coming to your company. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it.
  • My name is Cassandra and after several years of making minimum payments and getting absolutely no where, I decided to search online for possible debt help. I found your company via Google, and after calling, I was given a consultation from Kevin. After given the comparison, I was showed what I was doing then showed what a debt management program can do in order to help. I was extremely happy and moved forward. Your company referred me to a non-profit which is now servicing my accounts. I'm sure that by using your company, I was able to weed out the unreliable providers. My boyfriend and I would like to say thank you for your help and without your company, I'd truly be lost.
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